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Things to do
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Things to do

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A beautiful ancestral bay of fishermen, where the commn problems of any small town in Latin America contrast with a vibrant meeting point of tourists from all over the world and different ages.

Taganga has a seafront promenade of about 500m in length, which can be traversed and enjoy a journey that will not take more than 10 minutes, is ideal for walks during the night, where you will find a great variety of foods and artistic expressions.

The hotel is located less than 40m from the boardwalk at its northern end, from the hotel the walk begins by crossing a wide area of ​​fishing boats. In this area is unusual to find bathers, but If you wish there will be no one to stop you from taking a good plunge, the 10min walk ends when you reach the Taganga beach area.

For years, the main recreational feature of Taganga has been its excellent places to practice diving in various modalities, due to the great number of bays in its surroundings, deep and crystalline waters and, great marine variety. You will find several schools and dive centers here. Taganga is one of the best dive sites in Latin America.

Today, given the large number of tourists from around the world who visit this beautiful bay every year, there are several restaurants, bars and nightclubs that provide another source of entertainment and turn the traditional village into a festive night.

Under Pressure Dive Center  alt 

Poseidon Dive Center                           alt

Reto Muller Dive Center            alt


Small picturesque village founded by coffee settlers, producer of the so-called café de la sierra, located at 600m above sea level is an ideal place to be in a cool climate of around 24oC surrounded by a thick forest, mountains and rivers, only one hour from the sea and Santa Marta.

Ideal place to carry out activities in contact with nature, famous for its excellent trekking routes with amazing landscapes to the sea, cycle-mountaineering, visit to different waterfalls in rivers bordering and bird watching and visits to their coffee farms.


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Tubing en el Rio Don Diego

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