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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy
Sustainability Policy

In the company Casa D'mer SAS, and especially in our lodging establishment HOTEL CASA D'MER TAGANGA, we are aware that we are part of the growth and development of the area where we provide our services, so that, from our Beginnings in the year 2010 we have developed small actions tending to promote the development of grassroots organizations and with that to contribute to our footprint is reduced and above all is ecologically sustainable, responsible and conscious. Our commitment to the environment and the responsible use of available resources starts from the awareness of our staff, suppliers and customers regarding the importance of making good use of them.

Conscious of generating a positive impact in the community we promote local initiatives, their idiosyncrasy, culture and gastronomy.

A fundamental part of our entire organization and an integral part of this sustainability policy is the open and firm rejection of abuses and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in travel and tourism as we are committed to a healthy and drug-free tourism.

 All the small actions that we develop are based on constantly improving the quality of the service offered, since being based on a policy of sustainability will generate throughout the environment a gradual but steady improvement. That is why our sustainability policy is based on 3 fundamental principles: socio-cultural promotion, reduction of environmental impacts and the accompaniment and socialization of local economic initiatives.

We need to travel to be 100% sustainable, but we are on the path that will contribute to the recovery of our planet, we will gradually implement more and better alternatives and environmental practices, for the time being and to contribute to minimize the environmental impact that our Activity can cause in the environment, we have decided to apply the following measures and actions to contribute to the protection of our planet.

There is still a lot to do to be a 100% eco-friendly hotel, but are going on the right path and contributing with our planet. We are gradually implementing more and better alternatives and environmental practices to minimize our impact. We have taken the following actions in order to contribute to the protection of our planet.


In Casa D'mer Hotel we implemented for all the rooms a system of air extraction and exchange, which consists of a wind extractor and an axial fan.

The wind extractor is constantly, and without any energy consumption, expelling hot air from the rooms by grilles located in the rooms ceiling. The axial fan, which has a very low power consumption (88W) injects in the rooms the fresh air from the outside, which enters the room through distribution grids under the beds.

This system helps to control the humidity and bad odors in the rooms; it also helps to lower the internal temperature when compared to the thermal sensation of temperature outside.

Water and Energy

We contribute to water conservation using low-flow showers and sinks, as well as saver taps in general, guaranteeing a 40% reduction in water consumption. We use toilets with a small storage tank of only 6 liters per discharge, which are also double discharge, which can achieve a reduction in consumption of 3 liters per discharge.

Since the water supply in Taganga is not constant, large storage tanks and two separate water networks are used, one that feeds all water for human use such as sinks, showers, and kitchens, and another for general cleaning and toilets. We also make reuse of swimming pool water. This is one of the main contributions to the reduction of water consumption.

We reduce energy consumption with an electrical grid design that meets the requirements and using natural daylight as an alternative to moderate the use of artificial light. In addition to this, we use appliances that are energy efficiently, new appliances that comply with guarantees of low energy consumption and minimum pollution levels.

We use low consumption fluorescent bulbs in all areas of the hotel, and trying to use only the necessary ones and for the necessary time, this helps to reduce the consumption up to 60%.


Environmental policies were managed since Hotel Casa D'mer Taganga construction. Producing the minimum of tailings, reusing to the maximum the remaining materials and debris and always using certified infrastructure products.

In the room service no disposable items are used, unless the guest expressly requires, reusable items such as glassware and ceramic dishes are used instead.

The waste is separate in the following categories: glass, paper, plastic, and organic. Glass is reinstated to companies, paper delivered to recyclers or discarded separately to avoid contamination, bottles Pet (expanded polyurethane) as soda, are delivered to a foundation for the development of eco-bricks.

We use a septic tank that was design with the intention of reducing the discharge of wastewater into rivers and sea without the minimum treatment. The well allows through the natural decantation to filter all the fluids in the soil without affecting water sources.


You can reduce your impact before arriving at our hotel. You do not have to print any of the mails or documents that we sent you during your booking process. Just show a valid identity document and we can find your reservation during the check-in.

Every day the rooms are cleaned and towels and sheets changed from day to day, thinking that in normal circumstances this is adequate for everyone. If you want to reduce your environmental footprint, please tell us how much you want them changed.

You can always turn the lights off, the television, the fan and charges that you are not using.

Do not throw toilet paper or other items that could obstruct the proper functioning of the septic tank, which is responsible for the biological waste not being discharged into rivers and the ocean.

Remember to lock well the water taps and shower in the room, use water responsibly, drinking water is scarce and in Taganga we do not all have it every day.