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10 Sep 2018

When booking a hotel, you should take some smart actions that will help you get the best hotel and the best room in that hotel.

Other travelers like you have already been there, that's why it's very important! review recent opinions and ratings.

But and what is important to you?

That has a pool, that your room has a view of the sea, the beach, you have pets is very important to ask if they allow pets because if you do not want to leave your little friend in the care of someone else, you may have to take it with you and not at all places admit them, ask if breakfast is included, if the rate you chose is air-conditioned or not.

you did not know? the same room can have several rates, so it is important that you read the conditions if you are not sure, call the hotel and ask.

The budget is important so compare prices, but always check with the hotel for sure they will give you a better price and a better room.

Intermediaries make the product more expensive, go to the source.

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