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PNN Tayrona

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Santa Marta
PNN Tayrona
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PNN Tayrona

The Tayrona National Natural Park is the place where the majestic Sierra Nevada crashes against the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, creating incredible bays of calm waters, protected by gigantic rocks that seem dragged by the strength of a green forest, which seems being fighting its place with the sea.

The park is a natural reserve in northern Colombia of about 15,000 hectares of forests, beaches and sea, protected since 1969. It is approximately 45 minutes from the city of Santa Marta by the road to Rioacha. Common places to visit are Playa Cristal, Cabo San Juan, Arrecifes and Cañaveral. There are others places that are also worth a visit, but you require a little more planning and mainly the desire to be really mixed with nature and the sea. includes the beaches of Cañaveral, Arrecifes, Arenilla, La Piscina and Cabo San Juan, as well as the archaeological site of Pueblito. The access can be done by boat directly to Cabo San Juan in about 45min travel, or by land, arriving first to Cañaveral in more than 1 hour of road and walking about 2 hours to Cabo San Juan.

Area 2

It includes the beaches of Gairaca, 7 waves, Neguanje and Playa Cristal. By boat you can arrive directly to Playa Cristal in the same boat that goes to Cabo San Juan, the route takes about 30min. By car you arrive first to Neguanje after 1h of road and from there you take a small boat for a 10min journey to Playa Cristal.

In all cases, the entrance fee corresponding to the park must be paid. Bear in mind that the boats are fast and with the big waves, the boat has a lot of movement, we do not recommend it for seniors, small children or pregnant women.